ISA-Jの幹部、I様との懇話会。Discussion meeting with an administration officer of ISA-J, Mr.  I (tentative name)

    米国グランドキャニオン。Grand Canyon, the U.S.
    米国グランドキャニオン。Grand Canyon, the U.S.







1.世界のオートメーション業界の現状や今後(Industry 4.0等を含めて)



4.ISAヒューストン支部が行っているYAPFEST(Young Automation Professionals Festival。オートメーションのプロたちと工学系学生の交流会)















  One of administration officers of ISA-J who works for a large instrumentation manufacturing campany of Japan, Mr. I (tentative name) and Bezalel's President Urakabe  held a discussion meeting with dinner at some place in Fujisawa City, Japan.


 Eating dinner, we discussed mainly the following items.


1. The current situation and future of automation industry in the world (including Industry 4.0)

2. Relationship between production management and theories of probability and prediction in FA (including Bayesian probability)

3. The current situation of the Japanese elementary to higher education

4. YAPFEST (Young Automation Professionals Festival. A festival where automation professional people and engineering students communicate each other) which ISA-Houston holds.

5. Proposals of new activities in ISA-J and other public utility corporations


Mr. I is a man who has worked for the large instrumentation company of Japan for a long time, has experiences of working in foreign countries, and does activities as an administration officer of ISA-J. Talking about cultural differences between Japan and other advanced countries, the world trend of the automation industry, and the future issues of the same Japanese industry, he had discussions on the above mentioned items with Urakabe.


  The globalization of the economies in the world progresses, and the Japanese economy will face the era when even a small control panel manufacturer has to put the world in the field of vision. The right -above picture shows the scene of Grand Canyon in the U.S. took when Urakabe traveled previously. If we live in Japan for many years and do almost the same activities every day, our fields of vision seems to easily become narrow. When we see the large nature and people's daily life in the foreign countires without any bias,  we become able to think about things in the large field of vision. The domestic public utility corporations for the automation industry seems to need the warm ambiton that we lead this industry not only in Japan, but also in the world, having such a large field of vision and challenging spirits.


There are a few public utility corporations in Japan including ISA-J, which are doing outstanding works in the field of safety and cyber security in this industry. Through the discussion meeting, Mr. I and Urakabe agreed with the needs of activating domestic public utility activities for this industry more.


  In spite of busy daily life in the belonging company, Mr. I made the productive discussion meeting together. Thank you so much.


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